Thinking Day celebrations for Louth Brownies and Rainbows

Thinking Day
Thinking Day

Local Brownies and Rainbows held Thinking Day celebrations.

Each year the Brownies and Rainbows celebrate Thinking Day by thinking of Brownies and Rainbows around the world.

Celebrations were held at Eastgate Union Church with the girls dressing up and playing music and singing songs from America, China, Mexico, Holland, Africa and Australia.

Afterwards they tasted food from these countries.

The 3rd Louth Rainbows and Brownies held a celebration at Nichol Hill Methodist Church.

They learned all about Lord Baden Powell and Lady Olave Baden Powell and the 
creation of Scouts and Girl Guiding.

Through games, crafts and food they learned about France, China, India and the USA and made onions, henna design and hair beads.

They enjoyed hot dogs and chocolate frogs.