Three car parks in Louth could become free once again - but decision now faces a delay

Three 'pay and display' car parks in Louth may become free.
Three 'pay and display' car parks in Louth may become free.

A U-turn could be made over charges in some of East Lindsey District Council’s car parks, including three in Louth - but the decision looks set to be delayed.

The Louth Leader previously revealed that ELDC’s new leader Craig Leyland had set up a scrutiny panel to look at the entire issue of car park charges.

One particular area included the possibility of scrapping charges that were introduced two years ago at previously ‘free’ car parks.

The list includes the Cattle Market car park in Louth, which contains space for up to 115 vehicles. The other car parks under consideration in Louth are Linden Walk and Bridge Street, which contain spaces for 24 and 16 vehicles respectively.

In Alford, Millers Way and South Street overflow car park are both under consideration, containing enough spaces for 30 and 68 vehicles respectively.

The 52 space car park in Sandilands is also included within the proposals.

A further seven car parks across the East Lindsey area could be affected by proposed changes, including those in Horncastle, Coningsby, Tattershall, Spilsby, Woodhall Spa and Burgh le Marsh.

The scrutiny panel was set to present its findings to the council yesterday (October 7), but an ELDC spokeswoman said: “The report was withdrawn from the meeting to allow further work to be undertaken.”

The report will now go to the December meeting of Council.

Last week, a spokesman for ELDC said: “The principal change in policy that is recommended by the panel is that car parks that previously provided all day free parking be returned to all day free parking.

“It is important to note that council will not make a decision on this. It will be asked to note the panel’s report.

“Any change in parking policy is a matter for the Executive Board to consider at a future meeting.”

There was widespread opposition when the charges were introduced by a previous regime at ELDC two years ago.

Residents and businesses complained that the policy would drive trade away from market towns and villages.

Gary Denniss - owner of M&G Designs and now chairman of Louth Independent Traders - presented a petition at the time warning that the charges would ‘drive people away from Louth’ and negatively impact the town’s businesses.

This week, Mr Denniss said: “At the time we said it would affect trade, and it has.

“Bridge Street should be left as it is to allow shoppers to come into town, but the

Cattle Market should certainly be made free for workers in the town to park up there.”

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