Three vehicle crash during morning rush hour in Louth

Two cars and a van were involved in a crash in Louth during the morning rush hour as freezing temperatures made driving treacherous.

Sleet and snow showers overnight and black ice caused by rain meant there were icy stretches on both rural and urban roads in the area.

And three vehicles were involved in a collision in North Holme Road in Louth, near to the A16 roundabout and the turnoff for Grimsby Road, at around 8.35am this morning.

The vehicles involved were a Vauxhall Astra van, a Nissan Maxima and a Citroen Berlingo.

An ambulance was on the scene and police were directing traffic but police have confirmed nobody was injured.

There were also reports of a crash at Saleby Hill, near Alford.

Gritters were out overnight carrying out back to back salting runs in an effort to keep the ice at bay, but the intermittent rain meant their job was difficult.

Light snow and sleet is expected in the Louth area from this afternoon, with heavy rain to come later this evening. The cold temperatures look set to stay for most of the week with biting winds making for chilly conditions.

According to the Met Office, Lincolnshire is likely to see up to 2cm of snow with more falling over higher ground. The Wolds look set to receive heavier snow on Wednesday.

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