Three year sentence for serial burglar who targeted two Louth offices


A heroin addict who carried out a series of raids across the county has been jailed for three years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Darren Claypole broke into properties in Louth, Skegness and Lincoln over a five month period.

Tony Stanford, prosecuting, said that Claypole’s crime spree began in March when he broke into his former partner’s home in Franklin Avenue, Skegness, and stole a laptop and an iPad.

He then moved from the Skegness area to Louth where he entered two offices in a shared building.

Claypole was seen in a corridor at the property in Cannon Street in the town and appeared drunk.

The witness thought he then left the premises but the burglar alarm later sounded.

Mr Stanford said that both the Louth Christian Fellowship and Jigsaw Counselling were raided and cash was taken.

Claypole was arrested hours later following a disturbance outside The Millers’ Daughter in Northgate.

He was searched and a stolen laptop was found on him. He also had four wraps of heroin.

Claypole then moved to Lincoln where he was staying in a homeless hostel. He went on to burgle a house in John Street in the city, taking items including a laptop which contained the only copy of a student’s MA thesis.

Claypole, 40, of no fixed address, admitted four charges of burglary and possession of heroin. He also admitted theft of four cans of lager from the Home Bargain shop in Skegness.

The court was told he had 28 convictions for 60 offences.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, defending, said Claypole was sorry for what he did.

“He is not proud of what he has done. He was desperate at the time and committed these offences because of his need to fund his drug addiction.”

“The root cause of this is his drug problem. He wants to do something about it and recognises that being in prison is the only way he is going to deal with it.”