Top tips for coping with the cold snap

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WITH cold weather set to hit the Louth and Mablethorpe area in the coming days, a local estate agent has provided readers with some top tips to prepare your home for the cold snap.

Ian McCarthy, director at YourMove estate agents in Sutton on Sea, says it’s all too easy to forget to take some simple precautions, which could help save you cash putting things right should damage occur.

“During spells of severely cold weather it’s possible for water pipes in your home and outside to freeze which may lead to a burst pipe when the thaw sets in,” Ian said. “Not only can this cause a lot of inconvenience but also massive damage to your home and belongings.”

This is especially true for those vacating their homes for a period of a few days. Ian says the best action is to leave the heating switched on at a low temperature which will help prevent pipes freezing.

“If practical switch off water and drain pipes if you are leaving the house for any long period of time,” he continued. “You could also try leaving the trap door to the roof space open to allow hot air to circulate there and open the doors to the sink unit to allowed warmer air to circulate around the pipes.

“It’s worth leaving all doors in the house slightly open to allow for circulation of warm air to individual rooms too.

“If your house has any exposed pipes, lag them with thick material and old blankets.”

Should pipes freeze, Ian says it’s best to use hot water bottles or warm towels to thaw the piping slowly, rather than using direct heat.

On discovery of a burst pipe, turn off the mains water supply with the stopcock to prevent any more water rushing in.

Ian added: “It’s also important not to use the water heater as this may cause the hot cylinder to collapse and don’t turn on the water supply until the burst is repaired.”