Town Council continues to oppose plans for 46 homes


Louth Town Council will continue to object to a planning application which would see 46 new homes 
being built on land off Eastfield Road.

During the public forum ahead of the town council meeting last Tuesday evening (January 26), councillors heard from resident Colin Wooding who lives on Park Row, adjacent to the 
proposed development site.

Mr Wooding said that the new properties would overlook existing homes in Park Row, resulting in the 
loss of privacy.

Mr Wooding also voiced concerns about the layout, density, potential traffic generation and inadequate drainage - the latter of which would “only increase the misery” to existing households on Eastfield Road which have suffered 
flooding in recent years.

He added that water on the site naturally runs to the north-west, and yet the proposed plans show the site drainage pond in the 
north-east corner.

“The site is in no way suitable for this development”, added Mr Wooding.

The matter was discussed in the Planning Committee later that evening, with Coun Stephenson suggesting that the proposal would breach paragraph 100 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) due to the 
flooding risks involved.

Ultimately, councillors voted to oppose the plans, and they intend to send a Louth Town Council representative - most likely Coun Ballard - to speak against the proposal when it is heard at a future ELDC Planning Committee meeting in the next 
few months.