Town Council demands answers over Louth Town Partnership

Sessions House in Eastgate, Louth.
Sessions House in Eastgate, Louth.

Louth Town Councillors have demanded answers from East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) over their decision to withdraw funding from the now-defunct Louth Town Partnership.

At their meeting earlier this month, town councillors voted to send a letter to ELDC requesting key district councillors including Craig Leyland, Portfolio Holder for Economic Regeneration, to stand before the Town Council and explain their actions.

As previously reported, ELDC decided to end their funding contribution to the Louth Town Partnership following a progress meeting in late November, meaning that £45,000 of anticipated funding for the year ahead was no longer forthcoming.

Coun Horton, who was a member of the Town Partnership’s board, said that events put on by the Partnership were getting bigger and better, and said: “It’s like getting to the semi-final of the FA Cup, and then jacking it all in.”

He added: “I think it’s a travesty that such a thing could happen.”

Coun Makinson-Sanders said that the prospect of the Lincolnshire Show coming to Louth may now be in jeopardy, and that former Town Manager Nichola Marshall’s idea to bring Wi-Fi into the town centre will also now be lost.

She added: “I think that we should be asking Craig Leyland to come and sit up there and explain to all of us why, with such an important year ahead, they have almost done the dirty on Louth.”

The Mayor of Louth, Coun Leonard, referred to recent market events hosted by the Louth Town Partnership and said: “The shops were busy, traders were all saying they’d had really good sales, and we are devastated to think that it might collapse.

“Essentially, yet again, Louth on its own two feet has shone outside another ELDC operation, and I do think a little touch of jealousy might have come into mind.

“When ELDC try to turn it into a commercial operation, that’s not how you deal with it.

“You’re never going to make mega money out of it; it’s for the benefit of Louth and tourism in the area.”