Town Council: ‘Let’s work together to save cattle market’

Louth Cattle Market.
Louth Cattle Market.

Louth Town Council has voted to approach East Lindsey District Council with a proposal to work in partnership to secure the future of the cattle market.

Coun Andrew Leonard spoke at last week’s town council meeting (August 22), where he provided feedback from the public meeting earlier this month, in which a roomful of over 300 people almost unanimously supported retaining the current facility.

Coun Leonard said: “It was an overwhelming success on the part of the farming community and the public at large. Everyone in that room wanted to see the continuation of the cattle market on that site.

“We, as a town council, should take that on board and act accordingly.”

Moving on to his proposal, Coun Leonard said that the facility works for the benefit of the whole community, and ‘filters out’ from the current cattle market site.

He said: “With a bit of imagination, and with that swell of support from the farming community, I think we could work in partnership both with them and East Lindsey District Council to scupper what may be a potential sale, and preserve this piece of Louth’s sub-
strata for future generations”.

He said that his ‘worst nightmare’ is that ELDC councillors from elsewhere in the district, who were not at the public meeting, would be swayed into voting to sell the cattle market due to the prospect of extra cash for the district as a whole.

Coun Leonard added that a partnership deal could be a get-out-of-jail card for ELDC, as they would save face against ‘very hostile public opinion’ and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The town council agreed that Coun Leonard and the Town Clerk would approach ELDC with an open mind, to discuss the possible options.

Failing this, the town council would support ‘option 3’ on the consultation, which involves withdrawing from the sale process and refurbishing the current cattle market.

An ELDC spokesman told the Leader: “We’d like to thank Louth Town Council for consideration of the matter, and await their formal consultation response.

“Once the consultation has concluded, the responses received from the community and other interested parties, such as the Town Council, will be presented to the Executive Board for consideration, and thereafter Full Council, to decide on how to progress.”

Visit to have your say in the public consultation before the deadline on September 6.

• Before the town council meeting, Alan Mumby pledged £1,000 from Keep Louth Special’s ‘fighting fund’ towards the town council’s potential legal fight against ELDC, if they decide to try and amend the Royal Charters to remove their obligation to provide a livestock market.