Trace Louth family history


The Louth branch of the Lincolnshire Family History Society recently completed several years of work transcribing the Burial Registers (1855-1998) for London Road Cemetery, supported by the Town Council.

The information is now available on a CD that can be purchased for £10 from The Sessions House in Eastgate.

Linda Blankley, Town Clerk for Louth, commended the group for all of their painstaking work, particularly with regard to deciphering handwriting in many of the books which, although beautiful, is extremely difficult to read.

Louth Town Council has been given the electronic records as part of the agreement which now makes family history searches easier.

The Town Council receives many requests for information from all over the world and still receives Christmas cards from a grateful Canadian family from a search carried out five years ago.

One of the most recent searches regarded a well known traveller who died in Louth in 1886, and whose burial place a gypsyologist had been trying to trace. Investigation showed that his name had gone through several spelling changes and had evaded tracing until now.

Call 01507 355895 for further information.