Trading standards Lincolnshire warning: Toxic jequirity bracelet

A BRACELET made from a potentially deadly tropical plant has been recalled from sale, prompting Trading Standards to issue a warning in Lincolnshire.

The jewellery is decorated with the jequirity bean – a small, red and black-coloured seed that contains a lethal toxin called abrin.

While there is no information to suggest the bracelet has ever been on sale in Lincolnshire, Trading Standards officers are concerned that local people may have boughtit elsewhere in the country – and that it could still be available.

The bangle has been on sale in shops across the UK.

Ian Newell from Lincolnshire Trading Standards said: “The product is a strung seed bracelet which comes from Peru. The seeds are laced into the string and are highly toxic.

“If you have one, please return it to the shop immediately. And if you think you’ve seen them on sale in Lincolnshire, please contact Trading Standards on 01522 782341 or”

Anyone who owns the bracelet is urged to seal it in a bag and contact the shop they bought it from.

Retailers can then contact their supplier to arrange for the item to be collected and disposed of properly.

People are being advised to wash their hands thoroughly after handling the product and to avoid touching their eyes.