50mph limit could be imposed of A16 stretch north of Louth

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The speed limit on the A16 between North Holme Road and Cordeaux Corner in Louth could be reduced to 50mph due to accident fears.

Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed its highways team are currently undertaking a review of the one mile stretch of road ‘in line with their speed limit policy’. At present the road is a 60mph speed limit but the Leader understands the road’s accident record and built-up nature could justify a reduction of 10mph.

The speed limit would stretch from the North Holme Road roundabout of the A16, on the northern edge of Louth, to a point north of the turn off for the Brackenborough Hotel.

In December, Louth man Barry Brown was killed in a three-vehicle crash near to the hotel on the A16.

Louth Town Council were due to debate the proposals at their meeting on Tuesday night.

John Siddle, spokesman for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “Given the history of collisions on this stretch of road in the last five years, one fatal, two serious and 16 slight, we fully support the proposal.”

Readers have already been having their say on the proposals. Len Romany said: “Surely the safety would improve by repairing the roads to make them safe? They are in a mess,” while Richard Enderby suggested that ‘only good drivers make roads safe’ and ‘bad drivers ignore speed limits anyway’.

Joanne Broughton was in favour though. “I think it should be reduced. There are too many accidents and people killed on our roads nowadays,” she said.

But Andrea Plaskitt was not convinced. “For one it is not the road that’s dangerous, it is how some drive along them and these people aren’t going to be any safer drivers with the speed reduction,” she said.

“You would have to be an idiot to try and even get up to 60mph there.”

Ian Mickleburgh, senior highways officer for the county council, said: “We are currently reviewing the speed limit on the A16 between Cordeaux’s Corner and North Holme Road, in line with our speed limit policy.”

Would reducing the speed limit make the road safer, or does something else need to be done? Email sam.kinnaird@jpress.co.uk.