Mablethorpe lifeboat assists in mayday call

MABLETHORPE’S ‘Joan Mary’ lifeboat was called out to sea last Sunday around 3pm when a 30ft yacht got into difficulties with two people on board.

Skegness’ all weather lifeboat the Lincolnshire Poacher was also called to assist the Silver Hunter yacht approximately ten miles off Mablethorpe’s coast.

The skipper of the yacht called the emergency services when his boat began to take on water, and a Mablethorpe crew member was transferred to the stricken vessel to assess the damage.

The yacht was able to be towed back towards Donna Nook before the Humber RNLI boat took over and towed it back into Grimsby.

Skegness lifeboat coxswain John Irving said: “The two crew on the yacht had clearly had a long, tough day in moderately rough seas and, more than anything, were exhausted.”