Safety fears as tractor sheds straw onto Louth road

The tractor on the road in Louth.
The tractor on the road in Louth.

CALLS have made been for tractor drivers to slow down after another agricultural load was shed onto a Louth road on Friday afternoon.

Eight bales of straw were scattered across the junction of Kenwick Road and Legbourne Road at around 2.30pm, this came just months after a tractor shed 10 tonnes of manure onto a garden on the same bend in June.

They filled part of the road and pathway and motorists had to navigate their way around them in order to get past.

The bales were cleared onto the pathway and then later removed from the scene.

According to witness Pam Dodge, one bale of straw narrowly missed a pedestrian, and the pathway and one side of the road was blocked.

“Do the local farmers know there is a 30mph speed limit? Because the speed they travel along this road would indicate they do not,” said Mrs Dodge.

“The pathways are constantly used by parents, children, pensioners, runners and dog walkers. How many more of these occurrences will happen before someone gets seriously hurt?

“We have had the manure, now the straw, perhaps it will be the cows next?” she added.

Readers also took to the Leader Facebook page to give their thoughts after the incident.

Marcus Chamberlain said it was ‘lucky no one was hurt’ while Elli Cassidy added: “I have two young girls and dread crossing the road with them due to the speeds of so many vehicles.

“When will people start to drive a bit safer?”

But Jonathan Padbury, also on Facebook, was not so convinced by the arguments. “They (tractor drivers) have a job to do as anybody else,” he said.

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What do you think? Are people really sticking to the speed limits on these roads, or do they need to slow down?

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