Video: Are Louth’s roads cracking up?

The recent cold snap appears to have left many roads in Louth with huge potholes and cracks.

This comes after roads in and around Louth were described as being in an ‘awful state’ and the area branded the ‘poor relations’ in Lincolnshire by the town’s councillors at Louth Town Council’s meeting on December 11.

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No caption ABCDE

We asked our readers on Facebook where they believed the problems were, and they said St Bernard’s Avenue, Trinity Lane, and Monks’ Dyke Road were in the worst states.

We went out with a video camera to hunt for the biggest pot holes in cracks to illustrate the fears that are being raised.

Coun Margaret Ottaway said Louth had been left as the ‘poor relation’ and Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders told the meeting on Tuesday that the roads around Louth were in an ‘awful state’.

But it it simply down to the icy weather widening cracks, or are there deeper issues over the states of our roads?

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