‘Warning notices’ for motorists ahead of new parking enforcement

Motorists breaching parking restrictions will get warning notices, as a helpful reminder, during a two week period of grace before new parking enforcement starts on December 3.

Lincolnshire County Council shouldreceive new parking enforcement powers on November 30 from the Department for Transport, helping to keep people moving around the county, reduce congestion from inconsiderate parking and support shops with parking bays close by.

Parking Services Manager, Mick Phoenix, said: “Starting on Monday November 19, we’re issuing blue ‘warning notices’ as a helpful reminder to motorists that parking restrictions are in place where they have left their vehicle.

“We’re doing all we can to raise awareness that we’re starting parking enforcement for real on December 3. We know there will be an increase in the number of tickets issued at first because this isn’t something that has been regularly enforced by the police for a number of years.”

Twenty enforcement officers, wearing distinctive navy and green uniforms, are taking to the streets countywide to enforce existing ‘on street’ traffic restrictions including double and single yellow lines, yellow kerb no loading or unloading markings, and limited waiting times in parking bays. The officers will not be set targets to meet.

Executive member for highways and transportation, Coun William Webb, said: “This is something we’ve been working towards with our district council and police colleagues for a number of years now. The government is encouraging all local authorities to take on these new parking enforcement powers.

“Each day we get one step closer towards making motorists’ lives that bit easier, helping to keep them on the move by reducing inconsiderate, and sometimes dangerous, parking and supporting local shops too.”

A new online parking manual for motorists contains top tips for parking considerately. The most common parking restrictions and associated fines are also online: www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/parkingenforcement

Anyone with any queries is asked to email parkingservices@lincolnshire.gov.uk or write to Parking Services, Highways and Transportation, Communities Directorate, Lincolnshire County Council, 4th Floor, City Hall, Lincoln.