True adventurer Connie saddles up to her 100th in style

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Connie Hedges is as much as an adventurer now as she was in her youth as she travelled through the town in style pulled by a pony and trap.

Currently taking residence at Reverend Bill Baker Court in Sutton on Sea, Connie was surrounded by family and friends as she celebrated her special day.

Connie who was Clarke back then was born in Wigton, Cumbria in 1913 and embarked into the world of work after leaving school at just 14 to work for Woolworths.

Despite her father not liking her choice of work, Connie worked hard to get to the top of the employment ladder and worked in different stores all over the country.

Connie enjoyed travelling and over the years has been to a number of destinations all over the world, her first and favourite country being Norway .

She visited the country in 1929 when she was 16, and even though it wasn’t known for women in this era to travel the world, she didn’t listen to anyone doubting the fact and went ahead with her plans anyway.

After meeting her husband Percy who had a background on the railways and accounting, they came to Sutton on Sea to settle down after retirement and Connie came to Bill Baker Court when Percy sadly died.

Connie has two children and one grandson who is said to be the apple of her eye.

But as he lives in the Philippines, the time they spent together is precious.

Her special 100th birthday plans were all made in secret with the help of town crier Roy Palmer who helped to arrange the celebrations.

As well as riding through town pulled by a pony and trap thanks to Austin’s equine and circle A ranch in Ailby, Alford, Connie also enjoyed performances by three individual singers who brought in for the occasion because of Connie’s love of music.

Connie also enjoyed a party with close friends and family and even had a special proclamation read out dedicated to her wonderful life so far.

Overall everyone commented on what a lovely day they had and also how great the days celebrations to mark Connie’s birthday were.

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