Trusthorpe woman to pay compensation after police attack

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A TRUSTHORPE woman has been ordered to pay compensation by Skegness Magistrates Court after she admitted assaulting two police officers while she was drunk.

Kirsty Martine Rope, 22, of Radio St Peters, Sutton Road, Trusthorpe, had admitted at a previous hearing to assaulting PC Beverley Horan and PC Paul Copley and to disorderly behaviour outside the Mirage Amusement arcade in Mablethorpe in the early hours of the morning of August 26.

As reported in the Leader (September 19), after Rope had been seen on cctv cameras struggling and punching a man, police attended.

She was drunk and twice kicked PC Copley in the groin and when she was in the police car, she headbutted PC Beverley Horan who was sitting with her.

She also swore and repeatedly abused the officers.

In defence, Terry Boston said she was a ‘very pleasant young lady’ normally, was full of guilt, remorse and shame and was ‘completely shocked’ by what she saw of her behaviour on the cctv images, as she had no memory of the incident.

After reading a report from the Probation Service, Rope was given a six month community order with supervision and ordered to pay compensation of £75 to PC Copley and £100 to PC Horan.

She was also ordered to pay the costs of £85.

Previous Report (September 12)

A WOMAN who admitted kicking and head butting police officers in Mablethorpe later claimed she had no memory of the incident, a court was told.

Kirsty Martine Rope, 22, of Sutton Road, Trusthorpe, was arrested for causing a disturbance in Mablethorpe High Street in August.

She admitted assaulting Pc Beverley Horan by beating her, assaulting Pc Paul Copley, and disorderly behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress, when she appeared before magistrates at Skegness on Tuesday, September 11.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said that at 2.50am on August 26, Rope was seen on CCTV struggling and punching a man, who turned out to be her partner.

Police attended and detained her. Mr Johnson said she was intoxicated, struggled violently and kicked Pc Copley in the groin.

She also repeatedly swore at and was abusive to the police officers, he said.

He said the officers had to lift her into their vehicle and she again kicked Pc Copley in the groin.

As she continued to struggle, the officers had to use leg restraints on her.

Pc Beverley Horan was with her in the rear of the police vehicle and Rope pulled the officer’s hair back and headbutted her, causing significant bruising and swelling above her left eye.

Rope had to be restrained all the way to the police station and she continually swore at and abused the officers and was extremely aggressive, Mr Johnson said.

When Rope was interviewed later, she said she had no memory of the events after going out with her partner for the evening.

The magistrates ordered a report from the Probation Service and adjourned the case for a week.

Rope was granted unconditional bail and was due in court for sentencing after the paper went to press yesterday afternoon.