Two cases of TB involving children at Mablethorpe school - but Principal says risks are “minimal”

Health news
Health news

Mablethorpe Primary Academy has cancelled productions and activities this term after being informed of two cases of tuberculosis (TB) involving pupils - although the Academy has been advised that normal school activities do not need to be disrupted.

In a letter sent out to parents and carers at the end of November, Principal Catherine Teale said: “We have been informed by Public Health England that there have been two cases of Tuberculosis (TB) involving children in our Academy.

“As a result of this, we have taken advice from Public Health England and the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust TB Nurse Specialist as to how we can best ensure the continuing welfare and safety of all our pupils, staff and families.

“We have been assured that the risks of contracting TB are minimal and that normal Academy activities do not need to be disrupted.”

The Principal continued: “As a precaution, we have decided to postpone activities which involve large groups of people gathering together in an enclosed space. Unfortunately, this means that the productions and join –in activities planned for this term will be postponed until the Spring.”

In a separate letter sent out by Public Health England (PHE), it was confirmed that the risk to children at the Academy is “very low”, adding that screening will be offered to children in the New Year.

The letter continued: “There are high numbers of TB in some areas of the UK and screening of schools following identification of a case is not unusual; I appreciate that this is unusual in Lincolnshire and may therefore cause some anxiety.

“We are fortunate to have low numbers of TB cases in Lincolnshire and we are working closely with the school to provide a safe environment.

“TB is a disease that is slow to develop. People are only infectious if they have TB in the lungs and are actively coughing – it is not spread easily from person to person. There is no requirement to keep a child off school if they are well.”

Local GPs have been informed of the cases.

• If you are concerned about your child’s health, see your GP or phone the NHS non-emergency number (111) as appropriate.