Two more burglaries reported in Ludford - police issue guidance for residents


Two more burglaries have been reported in Ludford, just days after police urged residents to be on their guard after a recent spate of break-ins.

On Wednesday, August 7, a house in Magna Mile was broken into during the daytime (incident 428) and the same night a shed on the same road was burgled (incident 133).

The village near Louth has seen a number of break-ins in recent weeks, including last week when two sheds in Magna Mile were burgled and the White Hart Inn was also broken into the same night.

Police said while it is not clear if there are any firm evidential links, it is clear that the same offenders may be responsible.

Police have issued the following guidance to help prevent future incidents.

• Don’t leave the front door unlocked if you are in the rear of the house or in the garden

• Don’t leave your car keys, handbag, wallet or mobile phone just inside the front or back door.

• Don’t leave windows open when you go out.

• Don’t leave bikes, scooters or lawn mowers out overnight or for long periods during the day.

• Do look after your neighbours, report suspicious activity around properties and in villages.

• Do ensure garages and sheds are secure at night and during the day when the property is unoccupied

• Do ensure your vehicle is secure when left un attended.

• Do report anything suspicious without delay.

If anyone would like crime prevention advice they can contact the Louth Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team by email on or call police on 101.