Two plead guilty to overnight parking offences at Huttoft Car Terrace

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Two people have today pleaded guilty to offences relating to overnight parking at the Huttoft Car Terrace.

Lincolnshire County Council introduced byelaws to restrict overnight parking in response to complaints from local residents.

Mr Jamie Hoyes, 41, of Sportsman Row in Grantham and Mr Gary Fox, of Merlin Close in Bourne, both pleaded guilty to offences at Boston Magistrates’ Court relating to occasions where they stayed overnight at Huttoft Car Terrace without consent between May and September this year.

Mr Hoyes received a £75 fine and was ordered to pay a contribution towards legal costs. Mr Fox received an absolute discharge. Another defendant has had their case adjourned to the New Year for trial.

Steve Willis, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We issued proceedings against these individuals to enforce the coastal byelaws and the restrictions on unauthorised overnight parking. We’re pleased that the individuals and the court have accepted the validity of the byelaws and sanctions have been imposed accordingly.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation at the six coastal car parks covered by the byelaws to ensure that the facilities are not being abused by people parking overnight.”