UNITARY AUTHORITY: North Kesteven District Council’s view

  • District Councils respond to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposal for a unitary authority.

Councillor Mrs Marion Brighton OBE, Leader of NKDC, said: “I think we are all agreed that the concept of local government reorganisation and the potential for unitary authorities needs to be fully explored and tested by the population of Lincolnshire.

“In order to have a fully-informed, mature and thorough debate, I think it best for this to be delayed until after the County Council’s May elections so that people can consider the detail, the full facts and suggested models for moving forwards.

“I am sure that all parties will welcome a commitment to work together for a consultation in the autumn.

“There are significant issues surrounding the legality, the cost of over £1 million, and suitability of a referendum.

“The legal advice is very clear – our commitment to deliver a safe and effective County Council election would have been compromised if the poll had gone ahead in the way that Coun Hill had proposed.

“To rush such an important decision without giving people chance to gather the facts and make an informed decision would have been irrational, unfair to the public and presumptive.

“If we are to reach a consensus for the good of Lincolnshire, the options, benefits and consequences need to be presented in a proper manner for the public to consider and that will take longer than the nine or so weeks Coun Hill had proposed.

“They need to know what they are voting on.

“In the meantime, we will continue to pursue our aims and ambitions for developing a strong and vibrant District, where we are closest to the people, responsive to their needs, championing the places where they live and work, building quality housing and delivering sustainable economic growth.”

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