Upcoming church events

What's On
What's On

There are a number of upcoming church events, hosted by the Team Parish of Louth.

This Sunday (October 11), there are a number of Harvest Festivals going on locally, one at 10am at St James’ Church in Louth with visiting preacher, Paul Gurnham, another one at 6pm at All Saints Church in South Elkington and again another Harvest Festival at 6pm at St St Martin’s Church in Welton le Wold.

Monday, October 12 sees a Book Club taking place at St Andrew’s Church in Stewton, Louth at 6pm.

On Saturday, October 17 from 7.30pm there is a special InSpire500 event, a Choral Concert by the choirs of St James’ and King Edward VI Grammar School in St James’ Church.

For more info regarding these upcoming events, please visit; http://teamparishoflouth.org.uk/louth-churches/st-james-church.