Update: Another spate of heavy rain expected at 2pm

Flash Flooding in Louth.
Flash Flooding in Louth.

Another spate of heavy rainfall is expected to fall this afternoon at around 2pm and residents are being advised to avoid roads in Louth which are already flooded.

Although the floodwaters are receding, the A16/Grimsby Road is impassable and all of central Louth is heavily congested, so please take other routes where possible.

Reports have been coming in all morning that several locations in the Louth area are waterlogged due to this morning’s heavy rainfall which has caused a number of flash floods in the town.

Morrisons supermarket in Louth is currently closed and the Co Op store in town has been temporarily evacuated.

We have received reports that Ramsgate has been temporarily re-opened to ease traffic congestion due to flood problems in neighbouring roads.

The main areas that have been affected include Church Street, Eastfield Road, Keddington Road and Horncastle Road, but Lincolnshire police are currently on scene.

Both Kenwick Top and Legbourne Road have been now re-opened but Trinity Lane is now closed off.

We have also received reports through that Louth bypass and the main roundabout in Louth heading off to the A16 is flooded.

Due to the slowness of vehicles going through these areas, there may be traffic delays, so please be aware if you are travelling to and from these areas.

Lincolnshire Police are advising drivers to steer clear of Louth Town Centre and are urging people to not come out specifically see what is happening.

Emergency services are currently out in the area.

The police were also aware of a gas smell in Eastgate and are currently on scene.

Louth’s flood warden, Darren Dobson has also announced that a flood alert has been issued for Louth Canal catchment, including Louth, so please take care.

There has been 19.6mm of rain that has fallen in just an hour.

If you have any photos of video of any flooding areas in Louth, then please email them to chloe.west@jpress.co.uk.

We will update this story when we have more information.