Update: Are beach chalets in Sutton on Sea safe?

As it stands, 27 council-run beach chalets in Sutton on Sea will not be available for hire during the 2016 season.
As it stands, 27 council-run beach chalets in Sutton on Sea will not be available for hire during the 2016 season.
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The tourism trade in Sutton on Sea could face a financial blow following action taken by East Lindsey District Council to not open 27 council-run beach chalets for the 2016 summer season until further notice.

Notices we’re posted in town on Friday (January 22) which states that the beach chalets ‘are not available for hire during the 2016 season. The chalets are no longer suitable for hire to their condition.’

The sign has now been taken down today (Monday, January 25) - but the beach chalets will still be closed for the 2016 ‘until further notice.’

However the council-run chalets in Mablethorpe will still be available to hire this year.

The loss of these chalets in Sutton on Sea over the summer season this year would result in a major loss of money for the town’s economy as the chalets can be rented out to holiday makers for a single day or a week at the time.

But a new Community Interest Company which began in January this year are now stepping up and doing all that they can to see if anything can be do to open up the chalets for the 2016 season.

Co-directors Patti Marson, Judi Rastall and Adrian Marson of the new Coastal Events CIC want to take over the running of the 27 chalets from East Lindsey District Council and are keen to begin this year.

Patti Marson explained to the Leader: “We’re a new group that set up in January and when the news broke about the 27 district council-run chalets in Sutton on Sea being closed down for the upcoming summer season, has forced us to move quickly and try to do all we can to get them up and running.

“We have put in an expression of interest to ELDC about wanting to take these chalets on in the town.

“We would like to chance to take them on this season and see them up and running for use. To close them down now seems silly and it would be crazy to lose the money for our local economy.

“If people see they are closed this year and they do re-open again next year, it will be too late, it is likely they will find somewhere else and not return.”

District Councillor for Sutton on Sea, Stephen Palmer, feels that the Coastal Events CIC should be at least given the chance to run the chalets this year.

He commented: “I do not believe that all 27 of these beach chalets are unfit for purpose, surely a few of them must be in a suitable enough condition to open.

“I feel that the Coastal Events CIC should be at least be given the chance to open these council-run chalets this year. They seem very keen and willing, so why not give them a chance.”

East Lindsey District Council are now considering the future of these beach chalets long-term.

For the full story and all of the reaction surrounding this vital issue, is to follow in this week’s Mablethorpe and Sutton on Sea Leader, out Wednesday, January 27.