Update: Hosepipe ban to stay despite April and May rainfall

Hosepipe Ban
Hosepipe Ban

RESIDENTS across the Louth and Mablethorpe area are being warned that the current hosepipe ban will continue to be enforced until Anglian Water are ‘absolutely sure’ water supplies are secure.

And despite record rainfall in April and more wet weather through May and early June, it appears the ban won’t be lifted anytime soon.

The ban was enforced from April 5 and left people facing £1,000 fines if they use their hosepipes.

Peter Simpson, Managing Director of Anglian Water, said: “The possibility of a warm summer and a third dry winter is still a concern for our region. The very wet few weeks we experienced in April followed two exceptionally dry years, and most importantly, two dry winters.

“It was following this prolonged dry period that we introduced the hosepipe ban, and it was not a decision we took lightly. It was an essential step to safeguard water supplies for this year, and next.

“That long, dry spell left water levels in reservoirs, rivers and underground aquifers significantly below normal – and in some cases historically low.”

The Environment Agency’s report shows water levels in rivers and reservoirs have responded to recent exceptionally wet weather, but warn that many groundwater sources could remain low and under stress for the rest of the year.

“April’s downpours and May’s average rainfall went quite some way towards replenishing supplies, particularly in our reservoirs. But as the Environment Agency’s report highlights, some groundwater reserves remain under stress,” added Mr Simpson.

“Almost half of the water we put into supply comes from groundwater sources, particularly in the east of our region. The full impact of the recent rain on these sources remains to be seen, largely because our aquifers refill naturally and more slowly.

“We don’t want to keep the hosepipe ban in place for a day longer than we have to, and we’re keeping the situation under constant review. However, restrictions remain in place for now.”

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