Update: Huge petrol queues as Louth begins to run dry

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HUGE queues had formed this morning at Louth’s John Darke Total garage as the panic sets in amongst the public ahead of a possible fuel tanker strike.

Meanwhile the town’s only other station, the Esso garage in Newmarket, had run dry. A sign outside said ”NO FUEL SORRY” as worried motorists drove past.

Yesterday we reported that garages had been experiencing ‘panic buying’ since Monday and none could promise that their stocks would last.

Colin Darke of the John Darke garage in Grimsby Road, Louth said they had experienced ‘panic buying’ on a large scale.

“Monday was a great increase on what we normally have and Tuesday was much greater than that, but today (Wednesday) is manic,” he said.

“People are filling their tanks and getting supplies.

“Although we’re working ahead to keep deliveries coming we cannot guarantee we won’t run out.”

Meanwhile the Empire Garage in Alford Road, Mablethorpe is under similar pressure from motorists.

Hazel Lammin said: “There’s been lots of panic buying during the last three days.

“People been filling up £50 or £60 instead of just ten, we had a delivery this morning and have another at the weekend but when it’s gone it’s gone.”

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