Update: Parts of Louth, including Morrisons supermarket, flooded after 30mm of rain falls in just half an hour

Twitter user @maximpetergriff sent this photo of flooding in Louth.
Twitter user @maximpetergriff sent this photo of flooding in Louth.

Parts of Louth were flooded tonight on Monday night after over 30mm of rain fell in just over half an hour.

Eastgate and Eastfield Road, which run alongside the River Lud, suffered surface water flooding and Eastfield Road was closed while water was pumped away.

Police and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue were on the scene to help deal with the flooding and pump out water.

Reports suggest the roads became unstable because of the sheer amount of water and were bein repaired.

There was also believed to have been a burst water main in the town, adding to the existing problems.

One of the sites affected by the water was the town’s Morrison’s supermarket in Eastgate, though there was no stock waste and the store opened and closed at the usual times

A Morrisons spokesperson said: “We experienced some flood water in the foyer and entrance to the store, which we promptly mopped up to ensure minimal disruption for our customers.”

The Environment Agency had no flood warnings in place for the area, but an alert was put into force and later lifted.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We have received no reports of properties affected by fluvial flooding.

“Approximately 70mm of rain fell in the Louth area in the Lincolnshire Wolds in less than 90 minutes last night.

“River levels responded and we issued a Flood Alert at 7.52pm. A Flood Alert is issued when flooding is possible on low-lying lands and roads.

“Rain has now eased and the flood alert has been removed shortly at 10.30pm.

“Local Authorities will respond to any reports of surface water flooding.”

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