UPDATE PLUS PHOTO: Are UFO's to blame for the chaos at Conisholme wind farm?

Monday 14.55pm COULD the damage to a turbine at Conisholme wind farm be the work of UFO's?

Reports of a large bang and flashing lights skimming across the sky on the night a turbine on Conisholme wind farm was damaged have been told.

Mr Stephen Willows and his wife, Dorothy who live in Fen Lane close to the Conisholme wind farm have told the Leader how Stephen was startled in his sleep by a loud bang at 4am Sunday morning.

It is believed the damage which has left one of the massive blades missing and another bent out of shape happened at some point on Sunday night.

They also reported how on Saturday night, Dorothy and two friends were travelling to Louth by car, when Dorothy looked up at the sky to see lights travelling in a strange fashion across the sky towards the wind farm.

Dorothy said: "I don't believe in UFO's but it was a low flying object. This light seemed to be in the distance, and then it seemed to skim across the sky towards the turbines.

"It might not be connected, but it is just how your mind works when something like this happens – you think, could that have been the noise Stephen heard, or was that to do the light I saw? But until we know what has happened for definite it is very hard to say".

The couple went to the scene to have a closer look, and like many residents, take photographs of the damage. But, when they arrived at the scene, they were shocked to find they had little evidence to go on.

"When we got there, there was nothing to be seen - not even the propeller on the ground" added Dorothy.

"Those blades are pretty sturdy – we saw them when they were being constructed – whatever has hit them has made quite an impact. I was shocked to see that there was no debris left".

The company, Ecotricity have since sent engineers down to establish the cause of the damage to the turbine.