UPDATED: New 970-home ‘Southern Gateway’ application has been submitted


A new application has been received by East Lindsey District Council which would see plans for a 970-home ‘Southern Gateway’ development off Legbourne Road, Louth, given new life.

The summary proposal of the outline application, received on May 22, appears to be identical to the previous application which was refused by ELDC in March this year. They have been submitted by the same applicant, Gladman and AR & MA Pridgeon.

The agent dealing with the case, Mr Andy Booth from Globe Consultants Ltd, said that the “effectively identical” plans were an attempt to address the reasons for refusal last time round.

Mr Booth said: “We hope to provide members of the planning committee with additional information which we felt were perhaps not fully appreciated, or lacked clarity, last time. Sometimes throughout the planning process, information gets updated and it gets a bit confusing. This new application will be more precise and clear.

“We will try to allay fears and gain support, and possibly allow a different decision to be made.

“For example, we have added a little more clarity on issues such as the impact of retail development, and the flood risk. The Environment Agency originally had concerns, quite rightly, but once we had made changes and updated the work they agreed that it was fine.

“We are working within the process and within the system, in a positive way. This is a genuine response to concerns.

“The original plan was actually backed by ELDC planning officers, so it’s not as if we are trying to push forward an unsupported scheme. We are responding to this in an acceptable way; that is our intention.”

Mr Booth added that the applicant is currently also appealing the refusal of the original plans, but that due to the different timescale he would expect the new proposal to be considered before the original proposal reaches any significant stage in the appeals process.

Just like the original planning application, the new plans include a residential development of up to 970 dwellings including affordable housing, a local community hub (including community hall, retail and office), a primary school, public open space, structural landscaping and the provision of vehicular, cycle and pedestrian access, car and cycle parking and facilities for public transport on the site of two existing dwellings and outbuildings, which are to be demolished.

An ELDC spokesperson said the council will begin to consider the application in the next few days.