Vehicle crime warning from Lincolnshire police

Police have issued a warning about a rise in vehicle crime across the county.

They say criminals are targeting ANY vehicle that has items of value on show in smash and grab raids.

A police spokesperson said: “Although you may think leaving small change on show in your vehicle will not attract a thief – think again.

“We have had an incident where a £3.99 phone charger has been targeted and the owner having to replace the broken car window. (Normally around £75 insurance excess.)”

Follow these simple tips:

Do not forget to lock windows and doors – even if you are only leaving your car for a few minutes while paying for petrol.

Ensure ALL items are removed from view – this means ALL items! Remember if they can sell it or use it, they will steal it.

Remove SATNAV suction marks or holders. If they can see these marks, they will be tempted to break in to see what maybe be stored in the glove compartment.

Park in a well lit street that is used as a pedestrian route, quiet locations are a must for car thieves.

If you see any suspicious activity, ring our Force Control Room on 101 and we can record the details.

For more advice, visit the crime reduction page