Vets campaign stops strays going hungry over holidays

FENWOLD Veterinary Centre in the High Street has run another successful Give a Stray a Christmas Dinner campaign this year and wish to thank all those who contributed.

Along with the surgeries at Spilsby and Skegness, the Mablethorpe team collected large quantities of dog and cat food from customers who braved the recent weather to help out.

“Local people are on our doorstep and they gave plenty of food. It gets to November time and people are pretty good about asking if we’re doing the campaign again,” said Bianca Cully from Fenwold.

The food was given out to charities to use for feeding strays that came in over Christmas and New Year. The Mablethorpe Branch were happy to pass on their donations to the Ark Animal Rescue at North Somercotes.

“All the rescue centres are chock a block full at the moment and the Ark are really good. If you can’t manage an animal they’ll take it for you, no question,” Bianca said.

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