Vets’ warning after dog ‘poisoned’ in Louth

Dog (stock image)
Dog (stock image)

Dog owners have been warned to take extra care after a pet was taken to the vets yesterday (Tuesday) with suspected poisoning after a walk in Louth.

James Street Veterinary Centre posted the warning on social media yesterday evening.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, we have had a patient come into us this afternoon displaying signs of poisoning.

“The patient had recently been walking down the railway line on the (Fairfield) Industrial Estate.

“If you have walked your dog in that area today, please look out for symptoms such as drooling, vomiting, shaking and twitching, and change of demeanour.

“Please call your vet as soon as possible. Please be aware and share.”

It is not currently known what substance led to the suspected poisoning of the dog.

James Street Veterinary Centre was unable to provide further details this morning (Wednesday).