Vicars to do trolley run through Louth for larder

Are they off their trolley? A number of Louth clergy are planning a trolley run through Louth on Saturday May 4 for Louth Community Larder.

The idea is for the public to help fill the trolleys with tins of food that will help replenish the Community Larder.

The Louth Community Larder has distributed over 80 parcels since the beginning of January, helping about 150 people.

The clergy will be meeting at Eastgate Union Church at 10am, and then will be running through the streets of Louth calling at local shops, pausing in the Market Place for a chance for anyone to put food in the trolley, and finally ending at St James’s Church.

The plan is to fill three shopping trolleys to overflowing - and this is where they are asking for local support.

Peta Hill of the team prish of Louth, said: “Shopkeepers are asked if they could contribute something as the trolley passes their door. Tinned and dried goods, but no fresh goods are required, for tins, it’s the more the merrier!

“It is significant that the clergy are doing their run on May 4, as this is Rogation Saturday.

Rogation is a time, when historically the local church would process along the boundaries of the parish praying for good harvests, and for protection of recently sown crops.

“In 2013 the trolley run is to help raise the need for good harvest along all the boundaries of the local community.”

Get your tins at the ready!