Video: Almshouses in Louth open to vacancies

Trustees at Rev Orme Almshouses at the junction of Eastgate and Ramsgate, Louth are opening a waiting list for people wishing to apply for vacancies this year.

The almshouses were created in 1885 by Rev Frederick Orme and the land occupied by the almshouses was part of the site of the House of Correction or Louth Prison.

It was surrounded by a towering 23ft wall and included a treadmill (near the present memorial).

Chairman of the Trustees, Richard Drinkel said: “When an almshouse falls empty, we look at the waiting list to see who has the greatest need as per the wishes of our benefactor.

“It’s not necessarily the person waiting longest who is offered first refusal. “

The successful applicant contribute about £60 per week towards the cost of running the almshouse and pay all their own regular household bills such as electricity and council tax.

The 10 almshouses which are set around the 19th century courtyard provide accommodation for 10 single gentlemen.

There is currently available a one bedroom almshouse.

Applicants must be 55 years of age or over, able to live independently and have a reason for needing to move to the almshouses.

“Often people are living in inadequate or inappropriate housing or need somewhere smaller or more manageable” said the warden, Mrs Cathy Harrison.

Applicants are requested to write for details to “Vacancies”, The Secretary, The Lodge, 143 Eastgate, Louth, LN11 9AJ, email or visit