VIDEO: Brexit committee visits to Boston

MP Hillary Benn visited Boston today (Thursday).
MP Hillary Benn visited Boston today (Thursday).

Members of the Governments Brexit select committee -including chairman Hillary Benn - have visited Boston today (Thursday) to talk to people in the area about plans to leave the European Union.

Mr Benn spoke to members of the press outside the Len Medlock centre before he and a number of other MPs headed inside to lead round-table discussions on three questions.

More than 30 members of the public sat around six tables, with each tables’ discussion led by one of the committee MPs.

Mr Benn circulated the room as discussions took place, as did Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman.

The questions people were to answer were: Why did Boston vote to leave the EU by such a margin? How should migration be controlled once the UK leaves the EU? What are the risks and opportunities of Brexit for Boston?

Residents raised a number of points, many of which have been said before, including the speed of immigration, the effects on employment and economy, infrastructure and the feeling that Government weren’t listening.

They also said there were opportunities to bring the communities in Boston together, to catch up infrastructure and find ways to retain young people in the town.

The video above shows some of Mr Benn’s visit along with interviews with MP Matt Warman and Lincoln MP Karl McCartney.

For more see next Wednesday’s Standard.