VIDEO: Budding botanists from Barclays help out at Louth Hospice

A team of green-fingered business managers from Barclays Bank visited the Louth and District Hospice last week to help maintain their garden, after donating £500 towards the cost of the plants.

They were joined by a group of young adults from Linkage, who were given the contract for the maintenance of the garden back in April. The Linkage volunteers currently tend to the garden once a week, led by their ground maintenance team leader Graham Hyde.

Barclays business managers at the Louth & District Hospice

Barclays business managers at the Louth & District Hospice

Janice Whitham, business manager at Barclays in Louth, said: “Our team of business managers here today are from across the Lincolnshire area, including Scunthorpe, Boston, Skegness and even Newark.

“We are keen to work with the community to support this project, and help out with shaping the garden.

“I’m really pleased to be at the Louth and District Hospice to help with planting some trees, some plants and shrubs which will just make the feel of the gardens absolutely fantastic.

“I’m also pleased to say that Barclays been able to support with a grant as well, so not only are we here to help with the man hours and planting of those plants, but also to help fund towards it.”

John Petchell, the Garden Project Co-ordinator at the hospice, gave his thanks to the teams from Barclays and Linkage. He said: “The hospice extends its thanks to Barclays for this support today, and for the grant for shrubs and trees which will help to provide a lovely environment for the hospice to enjoy.”