VIDEO: Can you beat ‘blind bloke’ Nigel’s fastest lap on karting track?

Nigel Limb at M1 Go Karts in Mablethorpe.
Nigel Limb at M1 Go Karts in Mablethorpe.

A visually-impaired Sutton on Sea man has been carrying out a series of hair-raising challenges as he bounces back from serious injuries in a racing accident four years ago - and his latest challenge was his most difficult by far!

Nigel Limb, who was left comatose for 11 days and partially blind after the accident in 2015, completed several laps around the M1 Go Kart racecourse in Quebec Road, Mablethorpe, last month.

His fastest lap was just 14.83 seconds and he is challenging the public to give it a go and try to beat his time.

Nigel said: “This was the biggest for my poor eyesight so far, but the feeling of driving this kart was awesome.

“So, come and beat Blind Bloke Racing’s lap time. It’s your challenge - if you dare!”

Nigel would like to thank Asa Bibby at M1 Go Karts for facilitating this challenge.