VIDEO: Clash of drums at SO Festival lights up Skegness

Clash of the Drums lights up Skegness. ANL-170207-085311001
Clash of the Drums lights up Skegness. ANL-170207-085311001

An explosive battle of music, fireworks and energy filled the night air of Skegness as the SO Festival came to a stunning finale.

Hundreds of people lined the foreshore as Les Commandos Percu and Deabru Beltzak last night to see the tribal Clash of the Drums and musicians as they set off to claim the resort’s streets.

The spectacular show Danbor Talka started outside Embassy Theatre and the musicians came together on a number of occasions as they headed towards Dry Lagoon for their finalé staged performance with the backdrop of fireworks.

Sparks flew bouncing off the road but it didn’t stop the crowd following close behind in the smoky haze as the hypnotic sound of drums and chanting pulled them along.

For more than 20 years, Les Commandos Percu have travelled the world with their extraordinary and spectacular shows.

David Hamer of Walesby in Nottinghamshire was among the crowd with his wife Yvonne.

He said: “We came over with the family and had no idea this was on. It’s certainly kept us out.

“Normally we would be tucked up at this time.”

But it wasn’t just holidaymakers enjoying a taste of culture in Skegness.

Sarah Mason, of Skegness, was there with her family. She said: “It’s lovely seeing a lot of people in the resort.

“These events are so good for tourism.”

Andrew Poole, of Horncastle, was there with a friend and said: “We’ve seen the SO Festival in Horncastle but never been to events in Skegness.

“We had a nice meal in Skendleby and then came over for this. It’s been a great evening.”

The SO Festival continues today (Sunday) with a Cake Fest in Compass Gardens where budding bakers have created a 100 square metre fully-edible map of East Lindsey.

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