Video interview: Police Commissioner Alan Hardwick discusses budget increase

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Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick believes the force’s precept increase will give them a firm base in their bid to tackle crime in the county.

Speaking to the force’s head of corporate communications, Tony Diggins, Mr Hardwick also promised to get tough on anti-social behaviour and said he is hopeful of better funding for the county.

Mr Hardwick has submitted his precept proposal which, if passed by the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel, would see council taxes rise by about 7p per week.

Mr Hardwick said the rise would be key to allowing the force to maintain its current level of 1,100 police officers going forward.

“What it does allow me to do is carry out my priorities that I have put in the Police and Crime Plan, priorities on which I was elected (in November),” he said.

“Two per cent is 1p a day, 7p a week for people in a band D house in Lincolnshire.”

He also said there had been a ‘steady stream’ of people showing an interest in becoming part of Mr Hardwick’s army of volunteers that he had previously called for.

He hopes this band of volunteers will supplement the exisiting office numbers to allow for a uniformed officer in every community.

In the interview he also promised to tackle anti-social behaviour as a priority, something he has alluded to in the past.

He said he was becoming ‘more and more positive’ in his mindset against anti-social behaviour and though he admitted it could probably never be eradicated, he is confident inroads can be made.

Mr Hardwick also said he request for fairer funding for the county was going to be looked at by the Home Office.

He said the funding formula in place currently penalises Lincolnshire for being a vast, rural county, and said the formula was ‘at the bottom of all that’s wrong with the funding’.

“I did press the Home Secretary for a timescale but she didn’t give me a timescale. I’m hoping it’s going to be sooner rather than later,” he added.

Watch the video to see the full interview with Alan Hardwick.