VIDEO: John Shuttleworth reflects on successful gig for Louth’s skate park appeal

John Shuttleworth has spoken exclusively to the Louth Leader following a successful sell-out fundraiser at Louth’s British Legion Hall yesterday evening (December 12), which has raised over £1,500 towards the skate park appeal.

Mr Shuttleworth - the alter ego of Louth’s very own Graham Fellows - was on fine form as the host and headline act as he entertained crowds with unforgettable hits such as ‘Two Margarines on The Go’, ‘Austin Ambassador Y Reg’ and ‘Can’t Go Back To Savoury Now’.

John Shuttleworth entertains the crowd.

John Shuttleworth entertains the crowd.

There was also a special guest appearance from the eponymous singer of the novelty record ‘Jilted John’ (another of Graham Fellows’ creations), which reached number four in the UK Singles Chart in 1978.

As expected, revellers soon rose to their feet to dance and chant along with the famous line “Gordon is a Moron!”

Also performing on the night were local bands Kinfolk and Loop Cycle, followed by Robots Found Errors - who also provided the backing music for Jilted John.

The Wild Wood Bar served drinks and a raffle was also held, both raising even more cash towards the skate park appeal.

John Andrews, speaking on behalf of LouthXSports - the group behind the campaign - said: “LouthXSports would like to thank John Shuttleworth’s creator Graham Fellows and his guests for coming on board to help raise funds and awareness for this desperately needed Extreme Skate Park for the youth of Louth.”

• The overall amount of cash raised on the night is still being calculated - visit our website for updates.