VIDEO: Lincolnshire vets hope ‘Let’s Get Them Spayed’ Marvin Gaye parody will go viral

The team at Quarrington Vets
The team at Quarrington Vets

A veterinary surgery in Lincolnshire is hoping their online video parody will go viral and encourage people to get their pets spayed.

The ‘Let’s Get Them Spayed’ parody, based on the song Marvin Gaye by artists Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor has been put together by the staff at Quarrington Veterinary Surgery.

The song, with lyrics written by the practices registered veterinary nurse Sam Shand, looks to educate pet owners, that if they are not going to purposefully breed, to have their pets neutered.

Practice Administrator Susan Edwards said: “Basically the stats in the video speak for themselves in that Animal Welfare Orginisations are bursting at their seams with stray cats and dogs.

“Some of these strays are never re-homed and are unnecessarily euthanased, which to the Quarrington Team, is so sad.

“Our job is to protect animals, treat them with respect, dignity and we all love our work.

“As a Veterinary Surgery we all see an important part of our job is to educate, whether it be visiting schools, careers evenings, or client events and courses, such as our free first aid course.”

The practice was inspired to do the parody having watched an American Vet called Renee Brocket do a similar project with her team - parodying Meghan Trainor’s single All About That Bass with their song All About That Spay.

Mrs Edwards said: “I got in touch with Renee and spoke about us perhaps following her lead and doing something similar in UK. Renee was thrilled that her video had reached ‘across the pond’ and we have been in contact since, sharing ideas.”

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