VIDEO: Louth area GCSE results

Updated Thursday 12noon - PUPILS across the Louth area are celebrating their GCSE results today.

Headteacher Claire Hewitt says 2008 has proved to be another very good year for GCSE students at King Edward VI Grammar School.

Students have performed extremely well in the summer exams with 98 per cent of the year group achieving five or more A* to C passes and 73 per cent of the GCSE results being grade B or above.

There are many impressive individual performances which include over one fifth of the year group achieving eight or more passes at the top two grades and 18 outstanding students achieving nine or more passes at A* or A.

The school is proud of the students' successes and as a Specialist Science College is particularly pleased with results in the three separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics where over half of the grades achieved were A* or A.

Mrs Hewitt said: "I am delighted with these superb GCSE results and I congratulate the students and their teachers on their fantastic achievements."

For the fourth time in five years Cordeaux School celebrated its best ever GCSE results.

Analysis revealed in excess of 50 per cent of students gained five A* to C grades with over 40 per cent gaining this benchmark including English and Maths.

Highest achieving pupils were Megan Bruntlett and Kieran Boswell both of whom intend to return to Cordeaux Sixth Form.

There were also notable performances from Katie Morris, Kate Taylor, Abi McPherson, Dan Cheffings, Will Mulligan and Jake Pawson.

Deputy Headteacher Mark Roberts said: "Our results have continued on a sustained upward trend over the last eight years."

Headteacher Peter Kubicki praised the efforts of students and staff: "The sense of pride in the school is immense. There have been successes at every level. 100 per cent of our students are leaving with qualifications."

Nervous students opened eagerly awaited GCSE results today to find scores of high grades at Monks' Dyke Technology College.

Top of the class was Alison Gibson who achieved 10 A* grades and a further A.

Headteacher Chris Rolph paid tribute to the efforts of staff and students: "As ever, we are pleased to see so many students doing so well, and we recognise the hard work they and their teachers have put into their courses.

"Students like Alison must be among the best in the country and we congratulate them."

He went on to say the excellent results mean students can keep options open, with a wide choice of A levels or other training.

Other students with top grades include Becky Doig, Rebecca Foster, Leanne Mitchell, Gemma Rodgers and Danielle Phillips.

Becky Doig and Danielle Phillips also achieved A grades in AS Media Studies, taken a year early.

Studnets at the Birkbeck School in North Somercotes celebrated outstanding GCSE results.

Ten passes at grades A* to C were gained by 15 per cent of Year 11 students.

This reflects the full ability range that Birkbeck School caters for and particular praise goes to Chai Hua who joined the school just over a year ago speaking no English.

Chai now leaves Birkbeck to study for his A-levels with five GCSE passes at A* to C, scoring 298 out of a possible 300 on his final maths paper.

Joe Wattle, Toby Drinkel, Joanna McGrath, Sarah Gyde, Rebecca Hinchcliffe, Dominic Panter and Alice Wilson all gained at least 11 GCSEs at the highest levels.

Headteacher Lynda Dobson said: "I am extremely proud of the achievements made this year and wish our students well as they enter the next phase of their educational lives.

"With the opening of a post 16 learning centre in September and full intakes in most year groups, the future is an exciting one for all."

Tennyson High School in Mablethorpe is celebrating success after a record year for their GCSE results.

The school's executive deputy headteacher Mike Eyre was over the moon with 81 per cent of his pupils achieving five A* to C grades.

He said: "I would first of all like to congratulate all the students on an excellent set of results which are the best results Tennyson has ever seen.

"This is down to the sheer hard work of the students and staff, and we will continue trying to make Tennyson a success in Mablethorpe."

He added: "I would like to wish all the students good luck for the future in whatever they do and to say there are still places available in Tennyson's sixth form if they would like to contact us."

King Edward VI Grammar School results

Abbott Charlotte 8.5; Abdelgabar Mohamed 8.5; Addison Elise 9.5; Ahmed Zeeshan 9.5; Aisthorpe Holly 9.5; Allison Pip 10.5; Allott Ben 10.5; Amey Jenny 10.5; Amin Zach 8; Amos Oliver 10; Anderson Peter 9.5; Archer Sarah-Jayne 9; Bailey Matthew 10; Baldam Lauren 10.5; Barber Henry 10.5; Barrass Jasmin 8.5; Bennett Chris 10.5; Bennett Sally-Anne 10.5; Betts Alex 10.5; Bligh Reuben 10.5; Bloomer David 9.5; Bolaji Kola 9.5; Boulton Emily 9; Brady-Turner Cameron 9.5; Branowsky Matthew 9; Brill Amy 9.5; Brown Claire 8.5; Burley Nancy 10.5; Calvert Sam 9.5; Chandler Shane 10.5; Charlton Ben 9.5; Cooper Isaac 10.5; Cowper Elys 9; Crosby Fiona 10.5; Cunningham Emily 10.5; Darke Lucy 9.5; Day Yasmin 9; Dickinson Tom 10.5; Dickson Craig 9.5; Dickson Lucy 8.5; Dixon Elly 9.5; Donoghue Rosie; 9.5 Draper Simon; 10.5 Drewery Jade; 10.5

Dwyer Robbie; 10.5 Eltayeb Momin*; 11.5 Fellows Alice; 9.5 Fisher Ryan 10.5; Gladding Steph 9.5; Goodson Tomos 9; Gueritz William 9; Haith Lee 5; Hamilton Matthew 10.5; Hansen Inge-Lisa 9; Hastings Georgina 8; Hayward Sam 10.5; Henderson Fraser 5; Henderson Scott 10.5; Horton Emily 9.5; Huddleston Emma 8.5; Hutson Sarah 9.5; Jones Ben 9.5; Jones Jack 7; Jones James 9; Keane Fiona 9.5; Langley Rachel 10.5; Lawson Cassie 6; Leach James 8.5; Lovett Henry 10.5; Lui Yasmin 11.5; MacQueen Malcolm 10.5; Majeed Yousef 10.5; Manton Ashley 10.5; McGrath Adrian 10.5; McGregor Elisia 3; McLellan Laura 10.5; Mellows Louise 8; Molloy Jack 6.5; Mooney Polly 8.5; Morris George 9; Moses Emma 9.5; Mulholland Katie 10.5; Neal Elliott 10.5; Parsons Phoebe 10.5; Peralta Paola 10.5; Phillips Jason 8.5; Phillips Juliet 10.5; Pike Bryony 10.5; Pocklington Hollie 8.5; Potts Abigail 9; Quin Harmy 8.5; Quinn Bethany 8.5; Regan Kyle 9.5; Richardson Andrew 10.5; Richardson William 9.5; Riddington Holly 9.5; Russell Nathan 10.5; Scott Laurence 10.5; Shilling Harry 3; Siddiqui Zain 10.5; Skipworth Sophie 9.5; Smiles James 7; Smith Amber 8.5; Souka Yosr 10.5; Souter Danielle 9; Stonehewer Zach 4; Subberwal Kieran 9; Tasker Hannah 10.5; Topham Alex 10.5; Toyne Naomi 10.5; Troup Becky 9.5; Tyas Will 10.5; Tye Nicola 9; Waby Emma-Jayne 8; Watson Charles 10.5; White Jordan 10.5; White Joshua 5; Wilson Jessica 8.5; Wilson Natalie 9.5; Woods Alex 9.5

Monks Dyke Technology College results

Nikki Addison:CBCDECCABAB; Christopher Alcock:EEEDFGEDBB; Adam Allen:CDDCCCEECC; Arvind Ammanath:ABABACBBCBBB; Lauren Andrews:DBBCDCCACDBB; Thomas Armstrong:BDCCDDCCDBC; Melissa Atkinson:BCCBCBCCCCC; Poppy Babiczuk:BBABCBBBBAA; Anna Baker:CBCDCCCBBCBB; Benjamin Barnett:UDUE; Robert Barrett: DEEEDDCGEF; Victoria Barton:FEFFDDCCD; Edward Bell:CDDCDCEDEC; Dominique Bernard:CCBCCCDADCCC; Anni Blades:DBADDCBFCDB; Tiffany Boot:DCDDFCCCCC; James Borman:BBABBBCBA*CB; Rebecca Borman:BBACDBACBAB; Gemma Boswell:G

Kelly Bramall:DBBDCBCACBBB; James Bridge:FDDFGGDFE; Holly Brown :EDCEDCDDDEBB; William Brown:EEEEEEFEEEE; Eleanor Bruce :CBCCCAABDAB; Natasha Burnett :EBBCEFCCCDE; Rosie Burton:DBBCCBAABAA; Disa Burwell:DCBCDCCBBBB; Alistair Butler:ABBAABBCABC; Elizabeth Butler:CDFFDGDF; Geraldine Carr :ECCCDCDECB; Paige Chafer:DED; Andrew Chambers:FEFDEEBC; Matthew Chandler:DEEEDEDECCCC; Jacob Chapman:CDDCDEDDCC; Thomas Chapman:EEEFFDGFFFE; Simon Clark:CEDDDDFGDC; Stacey Clover:DCCEECEACAB; Adam Coddington:CCCCDDCCCBC; Jamie Colban :CAABCBBACCBB; Hayley Collins:FEDFFDEFDCC; Lucas Cooper:BDDACDEEDCC; Laura Coppin:CBBCDCCBCDBB; Jade Corby:BBABCBABCAAA; Katie Crawley :DDCDDEEDDE

Adrian Crunkhurn:CDCCDDDCDE; Dominic Cummings:BDCCDCDCCCC; Mathew Cunningham:BBBCCDABCBBB; Thomas Dean:UXUUG; Rachel Dixon:DCCEDEBDEDAA; Rebecca Doig:ABAABABBBA*A*A*A*; Samuel Drewery :UEEFEGXEU; Amy Drewery:DBCDDCDCAB; Rachel Earey:DEEFFEEDDE; Duncan Edwards:DDDBCEDFFC; Christopher Ella:CCCCCDDDCECC; Kinnear Elliot:ABBBBBCAABBB; Kinnear Elliot:ABBBBBCAABBB; Reuben Elliott:EDCDDDCECBC; Mark Epton:FFGGFFCCU; Darren Espin:EDCEDCEEDAA; Matthew Evison:FEFDFDGEGBB; William Fairburn:DEFDGEFEFEU; William Feaver:A*CCBCCEDDD; Zoe Fisher:EEEEFDDECDCC; Edward Forman:EDCEDEEDDECC; Portia Foss:DDCDEECEDFCC; Rebecca Foster:DABCCBA*ABA*A*A*A*; Carl Owen:GGGFUG; Naomi Frost:CABBDCCCAAAA; Ryan Garlick:BABCCCCABBCC; Matthew Gay:EFEDEEEE; Alison Gibson:A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*AA*; David Goddard:CDEDDFEDECCCC; Chelsie Gray:FFFGGGGFFEF; Alicia Grimshaw:CBBCDCACABBBB; Jimi Harrison:DEDDEFGDFCCCC; Abigail Harrison-Wiseman:CCCCDCDCCBD; Courtney Herbert:GEGUFEFG; Rebecca Hesketh:CCCCDDBBCDD; James Hicks:ECDEEDDBFBBBB; Katy Hill:BBABBAA*A*A*AA; Roger Hill:ABBAACDCBB; William Hitchin:CDDCCDDDDDBB; Aarran Hodgkinson:CDDEFDDF; Joseph Horton:ECBDFFBECFF; Lucas Howman:DCCCCBBEBAB; Daniel Hufton:DFDEGEGCCF; Gemma Hume:CCCDDBCDCBBB; Matthew Hunter-Smith:FFEFUXDX; Thomas Hutchinson:DDDDDCDDDCBB; Aaran Hutson:EEEFFAUG; Rianna Ives:UDCDE; Yasmin Oner(Jeacock):EEEFFDDECD; Ryan Johnson:UEEFFGDDG; Bryony Johnson:BCBBCBBCDCAA; Hannah Johnson:BBCBCBBBBBB; Charles Kane :FEFEFFDUU; Ryan Keetley:BBCBCCBDCC; William Kinnaird:BABBBACBCBB; Oliver Kirk:GDEEEE; Louise Knowles:EDCDEFECDEBB; Amber Krohnen:CCCCDDCCCCCC; Rebecca Larder:DBBCDBBCBBAA; Ryan Lee:ACBBBEBCCCC; Samantha Lee:DCDDDDBEDAE; Daisy Lempard:CDCCCCDDEBE; Heidi Loake:CBACDBABBBBBB; Joshua Long:EEFFFDEDD; Amy Lonsdale:A*ABAABA*CAAB; Emily Loveley:EDDCDEDDFDCC; Christopher Lovely:DBBDDCCCCDBB; Kerry-Ann Lowe:GEFCC; Rebecca Lusby:BCCBBABAA*CA; Benjamin Marvin:CBBBDDCBCCCC; Rebecca Mason:UDCDFEDEECC; Cain Matthews:ECDEECCDCCCC; Kristian Matthews:BCCBDCDBDBBB; Joshua McGarel:CCDCDCCCECC; Leyla-Joyce McNally:DBCCDBCECCC; Ryan Mendham:CBBCDDCDCC; Benjamin Meyer:BBBABACCCCCC; Leanne Mitchell:AA*A*A*A*A*AA*ABA; Daniel Mountain:AABBBAABBAB; Leon Murray:FFFGFCGEE; Jenna Oakes:EDDDECCCDBC; Ashley O*Connor:FEGFCGBB; Samantha Parkinson:BBACCCDCDCAA; Jordan Parrott:CCCDDFDDFDE; Danielle Phillips:BBBBCBBACAAAA; Chloe Pinder:DCCDECBCDCBB; Naomi Pinkney:BCCCDBDDCDD; Luke Pocklington:BABBBBBCBAC; Julie Posnett:BBBBBBCDAACC; Nicolle Raithby :DEDEFFAEFDE; Rocky Rawlings :UDDFFGDE; Jake Reeson:DAAACDCCBCC; Austin Reeve:DEDCDDEDCC; Amanda Revell:BBBBCCCCDCAA; Thomas Richardson:BBBBBCCBBAB; Sam Riddall:CDDCDFCCDDE; Gemma Riemer-Coulling:FEDEFFCFBBC; Laura Ringrose:ECCFFEEDECC; Dominic Robinson:BDCCDABBCAA; Gemma Rodgers:CBBBCBBACA*A*A*A*; Martin Ruttle:ABAABBBAACC; Peter Salisbury:BDCCDGBED; Laura Seward:ABAABBBBBAA; Thomas Seward:DDCCDEDCCDE; Lucinda Shephard:DBCDDCCCDBBB; Charlotte Simpson:BA*A*BCAAAACBB; Edward Smith:EGECF; Jacob Smith:DEEEDEDDCC; Thomas Smith:DCCCDBCBCBC; Jamie Southwood:EEDDDFEBDCCCC; Darren Stainton:FEFFCGECC; Demi Stainton:CCCCDDBCCBC; Eleanor Stanhope:AAA*ABABBAAA; Emily Stone:EEE; Timothy Stones:CDECDDEEDEBB; Harvey Stott:DCCCCCBCCBBBB; Ellen Swaby:DCCCCCBCCBB; Jamie Tempest:BBBABBBABCCC; Megan Tero:EDDDECEEDCC; Andrew Thompson:CDCCFCCDC; Olivia Thompson:DDCEECEBCDC; Christopher Tickhill:DFDEGG; Amy Topliss:CBCCCBACA*A*CCC; Elliot Towl :DDCEEGEDECCCC; Adam Tuplin:DEDDDCECDCD; Charlotte Tuplin:BBBCCCADBAA; James Tuxworth:CCCCCEDACCCC; Ian Vickers:CAABCCACABA*; Amiee Vivian :CBBBCDBBDCD; Charlotte Ward:EDDFECFCFCD; Antony Warren:DGFEFGCC; Benjamin Warsap:EDFFECFEE; Sophie Watkinson:CCCCCAABCBC; Charlotte Webster:FEDFGGECGE; Christian West:FEFUUE; Crystle West:DDCEFDCEDBBBB; Jade Wherry:CCCCCABCBAA; Michael Wilkinson:EDEDEUDD; Ben Wilson:DDDCDDCDEECC; Curtis Worrell:CBBBDCBAACC; Adam Wright:BBBBDEFDCC; Nicholas Wright:CFXCEFDFC; Rebecca Wright:A*; Lucinda Young:BBBCCCCECBD; Caroline Smith:CBBCCAFBABB; Emily Seward:DDCDEDDUEED; Angela Robinson:GEGD; Sophia Wyllie:EECFGGDDDD; Chantelle Brown:G; Victoria Outhwaite:CCCCDFBBC

Cordeaux School results

ADAMS Amy F, C; APPLEYARD Kai C, C, D, D, D, D, C, E, D C, C; ASHTON Tyson F, C, F; BAKER Renee D, F, E, F, D, E, D, C, F; BALDERSON Liam E, F, E, F, C, D, F, E, D; BAMFORD Danielle D, B, E, D, E, D, E, D, C, G; BARK Gary C, B, C, C, C, D, D, C, E, C; BATEMAN Lloyd E, F, D, F, D, E, D, E, D, E; BENGE Emma C, C, D, C; BILLINGHAM Jerome E, G, F, F, G, G, G, G, G, G; BLISSETT Victoria C, C, C, D, D C, D, C, C, D, C; BOSWELL Kieron B, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, D, B, B, A; BOSWELL Laura C, B, D, C, C, C, D, C, E, C; BRAND Robert E, C, D, D, E, E, F, E; BRAY Maria D, G, E, F, E, U, G, E, D; BROCKBANK Kirsty C, B, C, C, B, C, C, B, C, B, B; BROOKS Lauren C, C, C, C, E, C, C, C, D, C, B; BROWN James C, C, C, C, D, D, D, F, C, D, D; BRUNTLETT Megan A*, B, B, C, B, A, C, B, B, A, A*; BUCKINGHAM Elliott E, F, E, F, F, E, E, C, E, E; BURTON Luke C, C, C, C, C, E, C, D, B, D, D; BURTON Michelle E, E, F, D, F, E, F, E, G, E; BUTCHER Samuel C, C, C, C, C, C, C, A, C, A; CAMPBELL Lewis C, C, D, C, D, C, E, D, C, D , B; CASSWELL Kelly C, C, D, D, C, C, C, D, D, A, B, B; CHEFFINGS Daniel B, B, C, B, A, C, C, A, B, D, A ; CODD Sarah B, B, B, B, E, E, B, B , C, D; COLLINS Siobhan D, D, D, E, E, E , D, E, F, C; COOK Simon E, E, D, F, D, D, E, D, D; COOKSEY Rebecca C, C, C, D, C , C, D, C, C, C, C;

COONEY Adam E, C, E; COOPER Emma B, D, C, D, D, B, C, B, C, A ; COULSON Ulrika D, D, D, E, E, E, E, E, E, C; COUSINS Daniel E, E, D, E, E, D, F, F, F, D; COUSINS Ryan D, E, D, D, E, F; CROOK Amy B, C, D, C, C, C, C, C, C, B; DALTON Benjamin C, D, C, C, E, C, C, C, C, B, E; DAVIES Christopher F, C, C, C, G, E, U, G, F, F, G; DEEKENS Anna-Marie F, C;

DIXON Parris C, C, C, D, C, C, C, C, D, B, C, C; DRAGE Benjamin D, B, B, B, D, D, E, D, C, D; DUERDEN Dale E, F, E, D, D, E, E, C, E, X; ELLIOTT Christopher E, F, E, E, E, F, G, F, F, G E; EMMERSON Laura G, G, G, G, F, G, U, G, G; ENDEAN Reeva FORD Luke C, C, D D, D, D, C, E, C, D, B; FORMAN George B, C, D, C, B, D, B, B, C, C; GALE Nicholas C, C, B, C, D, D, C, C, C, C, A; GARDNER-CLARKE Emily C, C, B, C, C, F, C, C, C, E, D; GARROD Rebecca C, C, B, C, B, C, C, C, D, E, A; GASH Lewis C, C, D, C, C, D, F, C, C, D, A; GIAGNACOVO Sammy C, C, D, D, C,D, E, B, B; GITTINGS Michael D, C, C, C, C, E, E, D, F, C, C; GOULDING Charlotte C, C, D, D, D, E, D, F, E, D, D; GRIFFIN Leah E, G, F, U, F, F, D; GRUNDY Luke F, C, D; GUY Charlotte D, F, F, E, D, C, E, E, D, D, C; HALES Casey B, C, C, C, C, C, C, B, C, D, A; HANDLEY James C, D, C, C, D, D, C, E, E, C, B; HARDY Emma C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, A, C ,A; HICKSON William D, C, C, C, C, C, C, B, B, U; HOWES Benjamin D, D, C, D, D, C, D, C, E, D; HOYLES Richard C, D, C, C, C, D, C,C, C; HUBBARD Daniel E, D, D, D, D, C, D, C, D, F; HUDSON Ricky-Lee E, E, E, C, E, F, F, E, D; HUGHES Charlie C, C, C, C, E, D, E, C, C, E, E; HUGILL Mathew D, B, C, C, D, C, E, D, C, D, C; HYLAND Stacey F, F, E, F, E, C; JACKSON Daniel E, D, D, D, E, E, D, F, C; KIRK Victoria C, C, D, D, D, C, C, C, D, D, B; KIRKLAND Amy C, C, C, D, C, B, C, C, E, B, C, B; LAGGAN Zoe E, F, F, F, E, F, E, E, E, G; LAKING Michael D, F, F, E, D, E, E, E; LAMMIMAN Daniel D, C, D, D, D, D, C, D, C, D E;LAWTON Oliver C, C, D, D, D, F, D, C, D, C, C; LITTLEWOOD Toby C, C, C, C, C, C, D, C B C A ;MADDISON Oliver D, G, D, E, D, U, E; MARGARSON Robert D, E, C, D, D, D, E, C, E, D; MARRIOTT Leigh E, D, E, E, E, F, E, G, E;

MCPHERSON Abigail A, C, C, C, C, B, B, C, A, C, A*; MCRAE Abbie D, D, D, D, D, D, C, C, C, B; MILLS Benjamin D, E, D, E, C, C, D, D; MORRIS Katie C, C, C, C, C, C, B, B, C, B, C, A* ;MOWDAY Francis D, C, C, C, D, D, D, F, C, E; MULLIGAN William C, A, A, B, C, C, B, B, C, B; PAETZOLD Lee D, E, D, D, C, C, C, B, B, B, B; PAGE Joshua F, C, G; PAWSON Jake C, B, B, B, C, D, C, C, C, C, C; PETTIFORD Adele D, D, E, E, D, D, D, E, C, E, E; ROBINSON Callum D, D, D, D, E, E, G, D, F, F, E; ROBINSON Holly B, C, C, C, D, B, C, B, C, A, A; SAKSEIDE Olivia C, C, C, C, C, D, C, C, B, C, B; SHARP Samuel E, E, E, F; SHAW Daniel D, F, F, E, E, E, D, E, E, C; SHAW Tania C, C, D, D, C, C, C, C, C, C, B; SHEARMAN Laura D, F, E, E, E, D, D, G, E, E; SIKES Tessa F; SMITH Nathan E, C, G; TAYLOR Kate C, C, B, B, B, A, B, C, C, A, A; TEETERS Daniel C, B, B, A, D, D, A, C, E; THOMPSON Chloe E, G, E, E, F, D, D, E, C; VAN KEMPEN Katy D, B, C, E, D, D, C, D, C, D; WAINWRIGHT Zac C, B, C, C, D, D, D, A, C, C, A* ; WAINWRIGHT Zoe D, D, D, E, D, C, E, D, D, D; WALTON Emma E, G, G, G, F, F, G, F; WARNER Dale C, B, C, B, D, D, D, B, C, B; WATSON Stephanie A, C, C, C, C, C, B, C, B, C, A*; WILKINSON Harriet C, D, D, D, C, B, D, B, A, C, A* ; WOODS Francesca C, C, C, B, C, D, B, B, C, C;

Birkbeck School and Community Arts College

Arundel Alexander 9; Avis Louise 9, Bains Ravraj 8; Beaumont Jamie 8; Blanchard Charlotte 12; Cass Tom 11; Chapman Emma 11; Clifford Thomas 7; Coates Royce 12; Colman Sarah 11; Cooke Adam 9; Coxen Hannah 11; Daniels Joe 5; Doughty Theresa 11; Drinkel Toby 13; Exton Katie 6; File Stacey 8; Fitzpatrick Natasha 8; Fordham Lauren 10; Ganson Izzy 10; Golby Adam 5; Gyde Sarah 10; Hack Sam 7; Hill Ross 8; Hinchliffe Rebecca 12; Hua Ben 8; Hurren Charlotte 2; Jacklin Timothy 9; Jackson Vicky 6; Johnson Tom 4; Jones Stephanie 4; Kendall Jennifer 9; Krohnen Eleescha 6; Laverick Danielle 7; Lawrence Jay 9; Lewis Craig 8; Maguire Alex 12; Mail Paul 8; Malone Nichole 9; McCreight Daniel 5; McGrath Joanna 13; McKenna Kurt 8; Montrose Tamisha 9; Oxford-Smith Nicholas 9; Panter Dominic 13; Parker Toyah 9; Parnell Antony 8; Patchett Steven 11; Porter Melissa 10; Rimmer Tara 12; Rust Daniel 7; Scutt Ashlie 4; Senior Amy 11; Skill Hannah 10; Spence Danielle 9; Spriggs Bryony 10; Spriggs Naomi 13; Storey Chelsey 9; Tapsfield Lloyd 9; Treanor Summer 8; Udell Luke 9; Walker James 10; Warren Katie 10; Wattle Joseph 10; Williamson Liam 6; Wilson Alice 13; Wolfe David 9.

Tennyson High School results

ALLINSON Dean D, D, D, 0, 0, 0, D, E; BATHAM Louisa B, C, 0, 0, 0, 0; BEDFORD Kelsey C, D, C, 0, C, C, D; BLANCHARD Luke E, D, D, D, 0, 0, E; BONSALL John C, B, C, 0, 0, 0, C, D, P, P; BROMFIELD Darren E, C, 0, 0, 0, D; BURROWS JJ D, D, E, C, 0, 0, E, P, P; CANNON Adam C, C, D, D, 0, 0, D, D; DANE Aaron D, C, 0, D, D, D, D, P, P; DEBELL Sophie D, C, D, 0, 0, 0, E; DILLERSTONE Gemma B, B, B, 0, B, B, C, A; DOLMAN Curt F, F, F, E, 0, 0, F; DYNAN Stacey C, C, C, 0, C, C, C; EVANS Jamie F, F, E, 0, F, F, F, P, P; FISHER Samuel C, C, C, 0, 0, 0, D; FOAKES Cher C, E, D, D, 0, 0, D, D; FORKNALL Jack C, C, D, 0, 0, 0, E; FRANKS Ashley E, E, F, 0, 0, 0, D; GARRETT Katie C, E, D, C, 0, 0, D; GRAY Joe C, C, F, 0, D, D, D, C; HALLAM Laura B, E, B, 0, B, B, D; HICKSON Lisa Marie F, E, E, 0, G, G, U; HOLT Jerome C, C, D, 0, D, D, E, D; HOPTON Phillip James D, D, D, 0, D, D, D, E; IBBESON Jade C, D, C, 0, E, E, F; IBBESON Kyrie E, E, E, 0, 0, 0, 0; JONES Rebecca D, D, E, D, 0, 0, E, P, P, B; KAYE Lorraine E, E, E, E, 0, 0, D, P, P, B; KENNEDY Kimberly D, E, D, 0, 0, 0, E, M, P, P, B; KING Katie E, E, 0, 0, 0, F, P, P, P; KIRBY Anne C, C, D, 0, D, D, C, M, P, B; LEE Hayleigh D, E, 0, 0, 0, E, P, P, B; LIPPOLIS Siobhan A, B, B, B, 0, 0, C, A, P, D, B; MADDISON Sophie C, C, C, C, 0, 0, C, C, P, P, B; MALTBY Joshua E, D, E, 0, G, G, 0, P; MARRIOTT Ashlie D, B, E, 0, 0, 0, C, E, P, P, B; MOYSE Deanna C, C, D, 0, C, C, B, M, P, D; NETTING Jade G, F, E, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0; NICOLSON Chad 0, C, G, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0; PACEY Paige C ,D ,D ,D ,0 ,0 ,E ,P ,P ,B; PARKER Nadia A, C, B, 0, A, A, C, B, P, P, B; PEARSON Jamie E, F, E, 0, 0, 0, G, M, P; PERKINS Sarah C, C, B, 0, 0, 0, C, B, M, P, P, B; PERKINS Niesha C, D, D, 0, E, E, D, P, P, B; PITTAM Jamie C, D, D, 0, C, C, C, C, P, P, B; PLACE Katie B, D, C, C, 0, 0, B, P, P, P; RICHARDS Samantha B, C, D, 0, B, B, C, P, P, B;

ROUSSEL Colette D, D, E, 0, 0, 0, D, 0, P, P, P, B; ROWLAND Shane C, A, B, 0, 0, 0, C, C, P, P, B; SIRETT Adam C, C, D, 0, C, C, D, B, P, P, B; SKELDON China D, D, E, 0, E, E, 0, M, P, B; SKELDON Paisley D, D, E, 0, 0, 0, 0, P, P, P, B;

SMITH Joe E, F, E, 0, 0, 0, E, P; SPINKS Emma D, E, E, 0, 0, 0, E, P, P; TAYLOR Jordan E, E, E, D, 0, 0, E, P; THOMPSON Charles F, E, D, 0, 0, F, P, P; TILL Gavin C, B, C, 0, C, C, C, A, P, P, B; TILL Leah B, C, C, 0, C, C, C, C, P, M, D, B; TILL Kylie C, E, D, 0, C, C, B, M, P, B; TIMSON James E, E, E, 0, E, E, 0, P, P; WALTERS Jade C, E, D, 0, F, F, E, P, B;

WATSON Stuart C, D, 0, D, D, C, M, P, B; WHITELEY Claire C, E, E, 0, 0, 0, B, P, P, P, B;

WOODHOUSE Karenca D, F, D, 0, D, D, D, P, P; WOODLAND Harlan D, C, E, D, 0, 0, E, E, P, P, P, B; WREN Reece E, C, E, 0, E, E, D, D, P, P, B.

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