VIDEO: Louth housing estate plan

Reaction so far from the public to plans to build a huge housing estate on the outskirts of Louth has been negative.

Developers want the scheme, which could have 1,000 homes plus shops, on land off Legbourne Road.

Ian Ross said: “Can’t be a bad thing for the town as long as there are jobs in place to support them all.”

Zoe Bunting said: “It’s an awful lot of agricultural land to lose.”

Gareth Foster said: “In fairness I hope they are planning to allow a new supermarket into the town, otherwise even if they put a few shops in there will not be enough selection to satisfy the people of Louth.”

Kerry Lprt said: “Sounds like a recipe for disaster, nothing more than another cheap housing estate that over time will be dilapidated, virtually all rentals and nothing more than an embarrassment to the town.”

Sharon Owens said: “What about a new doctor’s surgery?...hard enough to get an appointment as it is...”