Video: Louth’s Allegro Appassionato group celebrates its 20th birthday

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Louth’s Allegro Appassionato group have celebrated two decades of free entertainment for the public with an impressive birthday cake and concert.

The group, who put on free lunchtime concerts at the Conoco Rooms above Louth Library, have been running since way back in 1993.

This year they will put on 36 Wednesday lunchtime concerts during the year, the first of which was in February.

At a special birthday concert on Wednesday Gill Chatfield cut the birthday cake and looked back at 20 years of Allegro.

“We’ve had over 20 years of some terrific people, it’s been an absolute delight,” she said.

“I do hope this continues for another 20 years and I was delighted to be asked to cut the cake.”

It all started in way back in April 1993 with a performance from Japanese violist Chikako Sato.

Wednesday’s concert featured Cleethorpes violinist and vocalist Thomas Drew and pianist Rachael Ueckermann.

Watch the video to see the cake cutting and some of Gill’s thoughts.