VIDEO: Meridian Meats butchers in Louth benefitting from horse meat scandal

The horse meat scandal is sending shoppers back to traditional butchers in Louth - where people know where the meat has come from.

Meridian Meats butchers in Louth is one firm that has seen a change in public habits. They report a large increase in their sales of mince and other beef products following the news that horsemeat has been found in some supermarket ready meals.

Jim Sutcliffe of Meridian Meats said: “We have seen a 10 per cent increase in our sales of mince as well as in our ready prepared meat pies and pasties since the news hit.”

He said that not only are all the products prepared on site at their Louth shop but that all the meat is fully traceable.

“We rear 60 per cent of our own beef on our farm in Tetford and the remainder comes form other local farms.”

Meridian Meats is a Tradition Breeds Meat Marketing Co accredited butcher, which means that they can display a certificate of traceability in the shop for everything they sell.