Video: New Police Commissioner vows to get tough on antisocial crime

New Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire Alan Hardwick has promised to get tough on antisocial behaviour in his latest interview.

Speaking to force head of communications, Tony Diggins, Mr Hardwick said antisocial behaviour was at the top of his hit list for 2013.

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner candidate Alan Hardwick (Independent)

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner candidate Alan Hardwick (Independent)

“Antisocial behaviour is the top priority in the county. I have my own priorities for that and I personally would like to see a complete ban on street drinking,” he said.

“That is something I know would receive huge support from the people of Lincolnshire, drinking is at the root of many causes of antisocial behaviour.”

Since starting the role in November, Mr Hardwick has met with the Home Secretary Theresa May and has travelled around the county in a bid to get to grips with the task he faces.

“It’s an exciting time, it’s a learning curve for me,” he continued.

“I have travelled to many parts of the county already but I’m also responsible for the policing and crime plan and other things, so there’s a lot to do.”

Mr Hardwick thanked the people of Lincolnshire for electing him in the role and promised not to let them down and to repay their ‘faith and confidence’.

“No matter what financial penalties or evils the government put on us, we can together create the force that we want.”

He added that he would not like to see an already ‘slim’ force made any smaller, dampening down fears of front line jobs being lost.

“I’m highly honoured to work for the people of Lincolnshire,” he concluded.

Watch the video to see the full-length interview with Alan Hardwick.