VIDEO: Pet cat Pickle in air rifle attack

FOLLOWING this week’s story in the Leader about cat Pickle who lost her eye after being shot with an air rifle, we take a look at how she’s doing now.

Pickle, aged nine, was shot sometime before 4.45pm on Saturday and has suffered other wounds during the last few months.

Owner, Yvonne Christie from Louth is now warning Louth cat owners to be on their guard.

Considering the trauma that Pickle has endured over the last few days, she is managing to eat and is doing well.

For the full story on Pickle, pick up this week’s copy of the Louth Leader, out now.

If you have any information about the attacks on Pickle or see a pet being shot at with an air rifle report it to the police on 101.

Here’s a short clip of Pickles as she is now.