VIDEO: Public meeting on 970 houses proposal

Feelings ran high at a heated public meeting to debate the proposal to build 970 homes off Legbourne Road.

Organised by Louth Town Council it was chaired by Coun Andrew Leonard and attended by around 80 people.

Coun Pauline Watson said unlike other towns Louth has no big place for all these people to work: “Where is the revenue earner? We haven’t got one. You are going to have houses built and nowhere to employ them. We are not a commuter belt. We cannot sustain it from the jobs point of views. Who is going to be living there? It’s quite serious.”

John Jaines said: “We are looking at 900 plus houses. Every household has two vehicles, that is a minimum 2,000 vehicle movements a day on Legbourne Road, and mums with children will be around and about all the time.

“Since the district council changed the parking where are they going to park? The streets are cluttered.

“Wainfleet built social housing there and brought in problem families from Boston. We’ve got enough problems of our own.

“Do we want our town ruined by these little boxes?”

Coun Fabian Coonghe said: “The land comes down and very hard rain floods the area.”

One man said: “The voice of the people is paramount. Louth struggled last year to place all children in primary education. I feel so strongly about this if East Lindsey District Council supports this proposal what triggers a vote of no confidence in the district council?”

Coun Watson replied to him: “If officers recommend it we can refuse. If we do refuse and it goes to appeal it costs you the rate payer.”

She added: “I will fight for people. I’m not very happy about this.”

Coun George Horton said: “It’s time the people had their voice. We are ratepayers we have a right to fight for our homes. You have got to put forward genuine building objections.

“You imagine 900 homes, that is nigh on 2,000 people, the roads are narrow, where are the vehicles going to go? It’s potentially 1,000 children, there’s no education.

“I feel sure town councillors will back you all and refuse it. I suggest we form an action group. We fight our corner.”

Coun Sarah Dodds said: “Once a decision has gone to appeal it is out of the district council’s hands. It is incredibly frustrating. Residents get organised, collect evidence. Work on getting good planning reasons to refuse this.”

John MacDonald, of MacDonald Engineering Services Ltd of Legbourne Road, was worried about his business if they did not get support. “We are going to be in the middle of the roundabout. They can flatten our workshop and we have nowhere to go. The rates on the industrial estate are too high. It looks like 10 to one our business will fold.

“Very often we have a job getting out of the yard onto Legbourne Road, the traffic is from Manby. If they have 1,000 houses the road is going to be horrific. It is a badly thought out plan. They will be that packed in. We urgently need to look at infrastructure before we start planting houses and making the job worse.”

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders said: “I think this will go to appeal. I think the district council might agree to this.”

Other comments from the public included -

“Unless we want a lot more cars on the road it is absolutely ridiculous.”

“The hospitals are not going to cope in this area. Secondary schools won’t be able to cope.”

“Flooding in Legbourne Road and Kenwick Road, what are they ging to do about that?”

“The school has 210 children, where are these children ging to have their recreation. There needs to be a bigger school.”

“When it rains it floods. Any more houses and they will have to build an ark.”

“Why so vast? It’s almost a town. It is overwhelming.”

“People did stick together when they were on about an eco town and people won on that. It will probably end up most of it social housing. We need to stick together. There are no jobs here, we have got no industry out here at all. It is more likely to be 4,000 to 5,000 people. Louth in 10 years time will disappear.”

“It is pure specualtion. Outline planning does not have to be detailed. We do not know what we are dealing with. We should all stand up against this. It is going to alter our lives.”

“They have moved undesirable families to Sandilands and it has ruined Sandilands. That is what is going to happen to Louth.”

It was agreed to form an action group to object to the proposals.

The scheme will next be considered by Louth Town Council before East Lindsey District Council make a decision.

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