Video: Revisit the great flood that hit Louth in May 1920

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TAKE a trip back in time with today’s website video and watch the damage caused by the great floods that hit Louth back in 1920.

The events of May 29, 1920, were perhaps the most devastating in the town’s history. A bright and breezy morning led residents to expect a beautiful sunny day.

But in the afternoon it rained solidly for three hours, with four to five inches – 16 per cent of the area’s annual rainfall – relentlessly pummeling Louth’s streets.

It was a desperate flash-flood situation - and Louth stood in the path of some eight million tonnes of water raging off the Wolds at almost 35 mph.

The town was engulfed in a torrent up to 15ft deep, causing mud and debris to mercilessly maraud along Louth’s quiet streets.

People were swept off their feet in their homes and gardens and literally washed away.

The oldest victim was 82 and the youngest just one.

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking here.