Video: Vandalised bridge at Hubbard’s Hills in Louth is reopened after local firm steps in with repair job

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The vandalised bridge at Hubbard’s Hills in Louth is back up and running after a local company stepped in to repair it for free.

A group of youths destroyed much of the bridge at the beauty spot in May and are being dealt with through ‘restorative justice’ having been caught by the police.

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The bridge had to be closed for safety reasons ever since, meaning families going to the beauty spot had a damaged bridge amongst the normally serene views.

And the Hills Trust were left to face up to a huge bill ‘running into the thousands’ to have it repaired.

But Carl Bostock, of Bostock Scaffolding in Louth, kindly stepped forward with a free repair job to get the bridge back open for the busy summer months while money for a replacement is sought.

“The bridge was practically unrepairable given the age and of it,” said Trust chairman Coun Andrew Leonard.

“The Hubbard’s Hills Trust is looking at replacing the bridge with a new one but the cost will run into the thousands rather than the hundreds.”

Mr Bostock said he was keen to put something back into the local community.

“I have been in Louth for 30-odd years so I have spent time up here and we were happy to do anything we could do to help,” he said.

Coun Leonard said that three youths were being dealt with through the restorative justice system through Lincolnshire Police.

He said they were caught ‘very quickly’ by police and would be carrying out voluntary work at Hubbard’s Hills, had written a letter of apology and would be donating towards the cost of the replacement bridge.

“For now the repair alleviates the eyesore left by the broken bridge,” he added.

He also revealed that the Hubbard’s Hills Trust were looking at the costs involved in dreding the duck pond as part of the General Management Plan.